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Worlds Finest Blueberry Plants

True Blue Propagation only grows and sells premium blueberry plants and blueberry bushes. We specialize in providing State inspected plants to blueberry farms all over the World.*

We provide detailed written blueberry growing instructions when you purchase our blueberry plants. It helps you with site selection, soil preparation, watering, mulching, fertilizing, harvesting and handling. We recommend ordering a minimum of 2 plant types for optimal cross-pollination.

Not only do we grow America's best blueberry varieties, we are also one of the industry leaders in blueberry farm development. If you are interested in growing a blueberry farm, give us a call for a free blueberry farm development consultation. *see terms

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Most Popular Products
blueberry liner 2.5” Liner,
1 Year Old Blueberry Plant

The large deep root system transplants well into larger pots or nursery beds. It’s a good alternative for growers who want to grow their own finished plants.
1 dollar
Blueberry Plant
blueberry gallon 1 Gallon Pot,
1- 2 Year Old Blueberry Bush

This blueberry plant in a 1 gallon pot (6”x 8”) is the industry standard. These 1-2 year old plants are grown in a peat bark mix, which promotes excellent root growth and branched top growth. Size may vary.
Blueberry Plant
Florida Seed All our blueberry plants are licensed by Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc., a direct support organization of the University of Florida.  

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