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10 Acre Blueberry Farm Costs

The Florida Market:
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Labor and Capital Costs
Planting and Establishment
10 Acre Development Cost
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U.S. Blueberry Production
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Blueberry Variety Facts
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Below is the complete cost in developing a 10 acre blueberry farm.  
Land Cost / Clearing: (subject to location)  
$1,300.00 per 90 yards
4,500 Total Yards Recommended
Over Head $3,500-4,500.00 Per Acre = (est.Includes Install) $35,000 
Drip Irrigation*:  $4,000.00 Per Acre  
*Optional at development stage, may wait for two years and receive Government Funding on a percentage of costs.
  • Helps with fertigation.
  • Helps reduce weed growth.
  • Helps with direct moisture to root system.
2,000 Per Acre - Includes UF Royalty Fee $49,000
Well/ Pump:   
(Depends on depth and size of well) $60,000-90,000 $60,000
Total Development Cost for 10 Acres (NOT including drip)     $209,000
Note: Estimated maintenance per 10 acres is $68,000 excluding manager’s salary.

Consultation of Design and Implementation: -
Please Call
Consultation Includes:
Pre Installation Projects
  • Field Design
  • Irrigation Design
  • Plant Selection
  • Well Planning
  • Mulch Bed Plan

Post Installation Projects
  • Fertilizer Spill Storage
  • Spray Schedules
  • Fertilizer Schedules
  • Electrical consultation
  • Wash Sinks for pickers
  • Equipment Consultation
Labor to install mulch Please Call
Plant Installation Please Call
Total Install and Consultation Please Call

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