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Plant Care Instructions
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Site Preparation
Blueberry plants do best in full sun and in well-drained locations. Also locate a place where irrigation water is available in order to keep the root system moist throughout the whole growing season. The most effective and reliable way to grow blueberries in Florida is to plant blueberries in mulch beds (See mulch details below).

Pine Bark Mulching
You will need 2 cu. ft. of pine bark mulch per plant. Blueberries thrive with 1-2 inches of mulch over the roots to hold in moisture and nutrients. You will want to replenish the mulch every other year.

Remove plant from pot and lightly break up the outside surface of the root ball to promote growth. Place plant in mulch bed and cover root system with the mulch 1-2 inches. Water in well.

Blueberry plants should be planted about 24-30 inches apart to create a solid hedgerow. You can also space them as far 6 feet apart to grow as individual.

Pruning is required every year to avoid disease. Pruning also helps to avoid Over-fruiting which can cause poor growth and/or lower fruit production.
1. Prune out lower laterals around the base for the plant.
2. Prune all discolored short growth and dead twigs.
3. All pruning should result in about ½ of plant removal. Prune small twigs in order to meet this standard.

Avoid using any type of manure. Blueberries thrive on acid fertilizers such as Azalea formulations. New plants require a small ring of granular around the base such as 12.4.8 use 1 ounce. Always water well after fertilizing.



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