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Florida's Best Blueberry Varieties

Zone of best adaptation is given for each variety as the mean temperature (degrees F) of January (the coldest
month in Florida) in areas where the variety is best adapted. All varieties are southern highbush except for
Floridarose and Savory.

(patent 10,675). Zone 45-60. Flowers late and ripens early. The bush is strong, upright, survives well, and
is easy to prune. Berry is large, firm, has a good picking scar, and is excellent for long-distance shipping. Star
can be harvested rapidly, because the berries are in loose clusters and ripen during a short period. Flavor and
color are good. One of the most popular varieties in Florida and Georgia.

(patent 12,165). Zone 53-63. A vigorous, high-yielding plant. With Jewel, one of the main varieties
being planted in central Florida for early harvest. Berries large and have good shipping qualities.

(patent 11,807). Zone 53-63. Very popular in central Florida for planting with Emerald. Produces a
high yield of large, round berries that have good packing and shipping qualities.

(patent 16,476). Zone 50-63. A vigorous, high-yielding variety. Fruit large and firm, with good
color, flavor, and scar. Begins ripening a few days after Star. Easy to pollinate.

(patent 16,404). Zone 53-63. A vigorous, upright bush with excellent survival in the field. Ripens
about 9 days earlier than Star. Berries are very large and medium dark, with good scar and flavor and medium
firmness. Sets fruit well even when pollination conditions are poor.

Santa Fe
(patent 10,788). Zone 45-55. A vigorous, upright bush. Berries medium in size, with excellent flavor
and shipping qualities. Has the potential for mechanical harvest.

(patent pending). Ripens about 7 days before Star. Produces large, high-quality berries on a
vigorous, upright bush. In Florida, requires careful pruning to induce spring leafing.

(patent pending). Zone 58-63. Ripens up to 20 days earlier than Star, but flowers very early and
requires frost protection. Highly vigorous but susceptible to stem blight. Berries medium size, light blue, with
good scar and firmness. A specialty variety for very early markets.

(patent pending). Zone 53-63. Highly vigorous bush with excellent field survival. Berry unusually
firm, crisp and sweet. Berry medium to large, medium dark, with excellent scar and remarkable firmness.

Southern Belle
(patent 13,931). Zone 45-60. A very large, firm berry with excellent packing and shipping
qualities. Ripens starting a week after Star. Requires well-drained soil.

Blue Crisp
(patent 11,033). Zone 45-55. A large, sweet berry with crisp-textured fruit. Flowers late, about the
same time as Star and Windsor. Berries large, medium-dark, with excellent shipping qualities.

(patent 15,109). Zone 45-60. An early-ripening rabbiteye variety. Ripens about a week before Climax,
with large, light-blue berries and excellent firmness, scar and color. Produces a heavy crop and requires pruning
for best results. Pollinate with other rabbiteye varieties.

(patent 14,485). Zone 45-60. A rabbiteye variety with fruit bright pink to red. Fruit large with
good firmness, scar, and flavor. Ripens early, with Climax. Cross pollinate with other rabbiteyes. Excellent for
home gardens and pick-your-own. Would be a great novelty item in the home nursery trade or for catalog sales.
Highly photogenic.

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